Available for God 1/4 – Get in the truck.

Available for God – Part #1/4, “Present or ready for immediate use.”

When I last wrote about being available for God, I unintentionally opened the proverbial Webster’s can of worms. I thought that I knew what “available” meant but, perhaps like many of us, I had not considered the details. Being available for God means a lot more than our just glibly saying that we are available to Him. The first part of the definition of “available”, present or ready for immediate use slapped me hard. It helps me to think about it this way: If a friend asks me to go fishing or camping with them, I am available but not until I go home and pack my gear. I might even need to linger and make sure my dog has enough food for the day or that the back door is locked. There are a dozen little things that stop me from being immediately available, as in “get in the truck” ready. If I want to be available to God I need to be in a constant state of “get in the truck” ready for Him. If I expect my life to be a living witness for Jesus Christ it has to be something that can be instantly deduced by anyone who sees or knows me. It is behavior. It is countenance. It is real and it is always God’s truth behind the smile in my life. To be available, to be “get in the truck” ready for immediate use by God, is something ready-made for prayer without ceasing. A real-life personal example of this happened to me during the past Christmas season. I had purchased something in a local store and the cashier, as I was leaving the store, wished me a “Happy Holiday.” Without much thinking I replied with “Thank you but I am celebrating the birth of my Savior. You have a Merry Christmas.” You could say that I was already in the truck that day.

Back to my premise, being available to God is a continuous process that requires a reaction to God’s providing an opportunity for us. We are to be available for God to use in any way he chooses and in any instant of time. Get in the truck.

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