Available for God 4/4 — Willing to do…

Willing to do something or to assume a responsibility… Yes, that is part of what Webster had to say about being available. This is where the “available for God” rubber meets the road. Don’t jump all over that word “do” and go charging off to the streets to hand out tracts. Your job is to follow Him, not to lead the charge. The operative part of that phrase is “willing to do” and when I prayerfully concentrate on that, I find that the Lord often puts me in the middle of an opportunity. Remember the mission statement… Jesus said, “Follow me.” That means that you have to go where he goes and do what he does. You may very well find that it turns into what you would have once described as a “dirty” job but don’t sit at home or in a church with a climate-controlled environment marveling at what a wonderful and loving man Jesus Christ was. Follow Him. Do you want to know more about what that means in your life? Hit your knees and ask that you might, without thinking about it, seize the next opportunity to go where Jesus goes and do what Jesus does. Be aware that the opportunity might just slap you in the face and your “willing to do” may just find you smack-dab in the middle of an opportunity. _dg

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