Saddle up… (Jn. 14:31)

Saddle up…

You are asking God for His will in your life, for his direction and control; you have listened for his call. You have kept your boots in good shape and your weapon clean and loaded. You do not know when or how the call will come but you have prayed that it will. You have prayed for direction and now it is in front of you every time you open your eyes. We have all been there waiting, telling God that we will do what He asks us to do and now it is in front of you. It is time to do the next thing. Do not ignore the order because you think it is not the right voice that you are hearing, that surely God would not ask such a thing of you. You know better. You spend time in the Word and even more time communicating with the Lord and when the marching orders come you still find time and reason to question them.

This is your mission. Your life has, at your request and by God’s molding been transformed from faith and prayer into the act of following the Lord. Obey. That one word statement says it all, obey. Garrison time has ended and the orders to saddle up and move out are here. In today’s vernacular this is not a test. This is not a drill. You joined this outfit for a lot of personal reasons but the orders come from God. You are a bit hard of spiritual hearing but you know what you heard. Spiritual hearing comes from prayer and listening. You know the voice. It may be about righting a wrong, taking care of someone or something that God has made you mindful of. It might be about keeping your own yard clean and your spiritual gear in top shape. It might be about doing what God has prepared you to do. You may not know or understand the reasons but it IS about obedience. Saddle up and move out.

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