Availability – But at what cost?

How many of us are, as Paul was, simply annoyed by our own physical limitations?  His life was of no consequence to him and his physical limitations were little but hindrances that kept him from giving more. Paul lived and taught the Gospel, nothing more or less.  Compare that thinking to the much more prevalent mode of using our limitations as excuses to not do what God wants us to do.  My suggestion is not that we should do “what” those who have gone before us did but rather that that we should do “as” they did.  How many of us assume that we are just sheep because, as a result of our perceived limitations, we do not recognize the calling to be more than that?  How often do we say that we will do anything but we impose the regulation of “Lord, you know I cannot do that…?”  Paul did what he was told to do.  Period.

I fear that there is a built in complacency that comes with our claim of availability.  I fear that we may find an excuse to say to the Lord that we cannot do “that thing” that we have been led to do and we hang it on some limitation, real or not.  That’s okay, at least we were available.  Wrong.  The call is not that we are to be available for only certain things at certain times and we are free to use our limitations as filters for what we are willing or able to do.

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