My name is Dan. That isn’t who I am, it is just my name. I am more apt than not to sign my name as “_dan” or “_dg” with the underscore and the lower case letters being an intentional thing. That is some sort of self-effacing tactic because I want people to know who I am, not just my name. I want people to see what I do or say or write or love to be more important than what my name is. Who I am is not so cleverly hidden inside my words and actions. I am here, wherever that is at any given moment, because God put me here. He has a job for me to do and it is all about my living my own Christian faith out loud, letting it be ubiquitous in my life. And yes, I love words. I love them the most when I am lucky enough to use them well, to understand them, to let them express the shape and content of my soul.

I am here to bare my soul, to share it with anyone. I invite you to know my soul through my words. They are all I really have. _dg

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