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Willful Obedience

“Willful obedience” sounds a lot like “on purpose” to me. Make it a little more concise and think of it as “willing to obey.” Webster is good with that one too. A question comes up about how we know what we should obey. As Christians we often say to the Lord, “Of course I will obey you” but then we seldom stop to listen to the instructions and directives. “Sure, Lord. I am willing to obey you but I might not hear you so…” The Lord in heaven might turn the volume up a tad so you will hear Him amid the din of your life. Then again, He may not do that and instead just move on to someone who is listening. What a horrible thing to reconcile when we realize that we were just not listening when the Lord called on us. To be obedient requires an open, constant communication link between us, as individual Christians and our Father in heaven.

We would never be willfully disobedient but we so often forget about the parameters of willful obedience. We find it convenient and far too easy to turn the volume down or even to be tuned in to a different station. How do you suppose that will work out for you? Good luck in explaining to the Lord how you were just too busy to be listening at that moment and on that day. Don’t let your “stuff” get between you and the Lord. That is harsh but that is directly to the point. _dg

Afraid of the dark (Mt. 10:23)

Listen. A spiritual darkness, a time when we do not see God at work in our lives, is a time for acute listening skills. It may well be that during this darkness is a time for you to be actively listening for God. We have all heard about active listening skills somewhere in a language class long ago. Think about listening to the speaker, of making and maintaining eye contact, of making yourself active or animated in your own speech. Respond to the gestures and tone of the speakers’ voice; be involved in the conversation. How often do we find ourselves in darkness and assume that we are the only one there? God is there – Listen even when you do not hear anything. Listen for that still, small voice.

Take care of the personal things of your relationship with the Lord and stay close by. Continuously pour out your own soul and spirit on the altar of prayer and listen. Read the scriptures and find God’s voice in them. Lights often come on as a direct result of our making sure that our switch is in the right position. _dg