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Available for God 2/4 – Springs of Living water

Available for God – Part #2/4

“Accessible or obtainable in any drugstore”, much like the springs of Living water being available to all who thirst spiritually.

Our personal spiritual lives must be comprehensive in their scope. Just as I can find most of what I need in a drugstore, an unsaved person looking to me for answers about salvation and living for Jesus Christ should be able to find exactly what they need in their life. Spiritual honesty, happiness, inner peace? These are all commodities that born-again Christians possess and should exhibit.

As Christians, we have continuous access to the springs of Living water written about by the prophet Jeremiah (2:13). Consider this, the life’s purpose of a spring of water. It satisfies the thirst of any that will drink from it and, most importantly, it is moving on continuously. You cannot stop it or horde it as it will overflow your boundaries. The water from a single spring can combine with others and grow into a river and that river can move mountains. Such is the spiritual life blood of a Christian. As each one of us stays connected to the springs of Living water, the outflow of Christianity into the world is greater than that one spring quenching the thirst of one man. As Christians we must live a life of “passing it on”, of letting God’s Living water flow into and through us to all that we come into contact with.

On the eastern slopes of Elk mountain in southeast Wyoming is a spring that provides the headwaters of Mule Creek, one of my favorite places on earth. The rancher that ran his cattle on that part of the mountain was smart enough to drive a steel pipe into the rock that was the outlet for that spring. That enlarged and channeled the opening for the water, turning a trickle into a small creek that provided water for his herd. That little trickle of water grows and winds its way into the Platte river system that traverses Nebraska and flows into the Missouri river on its way to the Gulf. One little spring feeding one creek touches an awful lot of lives in the course of its own life. God’s springs of Living water are like that. If we, the individual Christian, can draw our life from the Living water of God, what flows through us will nourish other thirsty souls at distances that we neither imagine nor predict.

Living your Christianity out loud keeps the water from the springs of Living water flowing. We have only to quench our own thirst and to pass it on.